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Packing, Shipping & Notary Services
in Sault Ste Marie, MI

Pak N Ship is your friendly, convenient shipping and receiving center in Sault Ste Marie, MI. We offer wide range of services at affordable prices. From packing and shipping to notary services, we’re committed to providing excellent customer service, every time you stop by. Our facilities support customers in both personal and professional capacities.



Shipping and Mailing

We’re the trusted packing and shipping service in the Sault Ste Marie, MI area, serving as an authorized shipping center for USPS, UPS and FedEx. Customers rely on us as their one-stop shipping and receiving center, and we’ll even hold your shipments until you can receive them at your convenience. Contact us for a shipping estimate!


We offer quick, easy printing and fax services at prices the competition can’t match. We have the equipment and technical capabilities to help you print or copy any type of project. No need to be experienced with our advanced equipment—we’re always standing by to help!

Passport Photos

We take passport photos on demand. Just stop by and we’ll get you the pictures you need in a matter of minutes.


Need to send a fax but don’t have a fax machine? No problem! Whether you’re sending or receiving, domestic or long-distance, we provide fax services for businesses and individuals using the latest, most reliable equipment.

Notary Services

We’re an authorized notary public serving Sault Ste Marie, MI. We offer fast, affordable services, authenticating documents ranging from mortgage closings to vehicle transfers, loan documents and more. No appointment required—just stop by and we’ll get your documents notarized in no time.

Your Local Business Service Center

Pak N Ship provides a wide range of shipping, receiving and printing services for businesses and individuals in Sault Ste Marie, MI. We put top-notch customer service first, beating our competitors not just in terms of customer care, but also in price and convenience. Call us today at 906-635-9000 to learn more about our products and services!

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